Kwok Wah Tyre & Motoring Accessories Co.

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F15 Matte Black

F15 Plantium Black

F15 Plantium Silver

F7 Black

F7 Silver

T5 Bright Chrome

T5 Bronze

T5 Dark Silver

T5 Silver


RS Bright Chrome

RS Gun Metallic

RS Gold

RS Silver

RGD Gold

RGD Hyper SIlver

RGD Flat Black

RSD Machined Black

RSD Silver

RSD Flat Black

RZ Bronze

RZ Dark Gunmetallic

RZ Hyper Silver

RZ-DF Plantium Silver

RZ-DF Flat Black


ADVAN is Yokohama's flagship brand.


It's the name given to Yokohama's best high performance road tyres, race tyres and light weight wheel range.


Derived from "ADVANCE", it means using innovation to keep one step ahead of competitors

ADVAN F15 Plantium Silver ADVAN F7 Silver ADVAN F15 Matt Black ADVAN F15 Plantium Black ADVAB F7 Black ADVAN T5 Bright Chrome ADVAN T5 Bronze ADVAN T5 Dark Silver ADVAN T5 Silver RSD Machined Black RGD Black RGD Gold RGD Hyper Silver RS Bright Chrome RSD Matt Black RSD Silver RZ Bronze RZ Dark Gunmetal RZ Hyper Silver RZDF Matt Black RZDF machined RS Silver RS Dark Gunmetal RS Gold racing gt gloss black advan racing GT semi gloss black racing GT hyper black racing gt racing white

Racing GT White

Racing GT Hyper Black

Racing GT Semi Gloss Black

Racing GT Gloss Black (premium version, machined engraved logo)

RSII Hyper black RSII semi GLoss black rsII hyper silver

RSII Hyper Silver

RSII Hyper Semi Gloss Black

RSII Hyper Hyper Black

RSDF Gloss Black RSDF Hyper Bronze RSDF Hyper silver

RS-DF Gloss Black

RS-DF Hyper Bronze

RS-DF Hyper Silver