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Modulare C13
Modulare B24
Modulare M30

M-Series / 3 Piece Forged

Modulare Wheels has been crafting some of the finest wheels in the world since 2004.


Designed and built in USA with stringent conditions, each wheel is forged from T-6061 aircraft aluminum and is offered with a 2 year warranty.


From the M series 3 piece, B series monoblock, H series “Hidden Hardware” and DC Deep Concave line, Modulare’s wheel styles are all designed with precision and innovation in mind.


Available for any make of vehicle. Sizes range from 19,20,21,22,23,24

th_m2 Modulare M3 Modulare M4 Modulare M6 Modulare M7 Modulare M8 Modulare M11 Modulare M12 Modulare M13 Modulare M14 Modulare M18 Modulare M19 Modulare M20 Modulare M21 Modulare M22 Modulare M25 Modulare M26 Modulare M27 Modulare M28 Modulare M29

B-Series / Monoblock 1 Piece Forged

Modulare B1 Modulare B7

C-Series / Concave Series 3 Piece Forged


C-DC Series / Deep Concave  3 Piece Forged

th_c1-dc Modulare C11-DC Modulare C14-DC C15-DC Custom Your Own Modulare Wheels m lgoo modulare logo

H Series / Hidden Hardware  3 Piece Forged

Modulare H2 Modulare H3 Modulare H4 Modulare H5

D Series / Deep Lip  3 Piece Forged

Modulare D1

V Series / Vintage  2 Piece Forged. Welded

Modulare V11 Modulare V15 b35 b14 b15 evo b18 evo b28 b30 b11 c7dc c11dc c14dc c15dc M1 m10 m15 m16 m17 m23 m24 m9 h1 h9