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RAYS Wheels



The VERSUS brand

provides a European flavor to our latest wheel designs for drivers who enjoy dressing up their cars. With designs intended to give an impression of depth as its concept, this brand is also geared towards offering a top-quality design and skillful finishing. Its target market is all drivers that want high-quality wheels for their cars.

The VOLK RACING Wheel brand

represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology.

RAYS aims to fit Volk Racing wheels on all high-performance cars throughout the world.

The HOMURA premium cast brand

pushes the beauty and functionality of its products to the very limit.

It uses daring designs to create new standards in wheel shapes.

The 57MOTORSPORT brand

is designed to meet overseas racing regulations.

It transfers the DNA of the RAYS brand, which has been refined through racing experience, to imported cars.

The WALTZ FORGED premium brand

leverages RAYS forging technology to create beautiful wheels.

It decorates the wheels on adult drivers' cars, giving them a European look.


add an element of fun, giving your SUV a more stylish feel.

Employing an approach that is unique to SUVs, it opens up new horizons for next-generation wheels.

The Gram Lights sports brand

pushes the casting process to its limits.

Employs a unique approach to design and finishing, as well as achieving the ultimate in wheel performance.


The BLACK FLEET brand of multi-piece products embellishes the wheels of premium cars beautifully.

RAYS aims to communicate the joy of customization through its beautiful designs and wheel size settings.




The concept is racing.

RAYS Wheels are the Japanese market leader of high quality performance wheels which they offer multiple brands of wheels to meet all types of needs.

We are the authorzied dealer in Hong Kong.